Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Easy and Unusual Herb and Flower Drying Technique

Someday I'll set up a drying area in our garage but until then I just clip the flowers and herbs I want to dry, wrap an elastic around the stem and hang them from any place I can find that has good air flow. The hydrangeas (above) are hanging from one of the nails holding this basket up. So, that's my super easy flower and herb drying method: clip, wrap and hang. The drying area I envision is simply a few lengths of clothes line so I won't have to hunt down random hanging locations. Negotiations with hubby for the location (needs to be out of his way yet low enough that i can reach it) are in progress.

 These mint leaves and flowers are hanging from the top of a tube of caulk.

And earlier this summer I hung these flowers from a can on top of a shoebox. I usually just leave the flowers until I need them (they're usually dry long before I need them). Super easy. Happy gardening!

PS You don't have to have a garden or a garage to dry flowers. You can dry many regular bouquet flowers (roses and the ones that seem to dry first if you forget to water them tend to be the easiest) and just need a place with good air flow to hang them (and that you don't care if dried flakes fall down onto the floor). If you don't want the colors to fade a lot then you want a darkish place too.

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