Saturday, May 4, 2013

Planting Mexican Blanket Flower, Goats Beard & Echinacea

Today we bought a Mexican Blanket Flower at Home Depot (pictured above, photo from Home Depot) and I planted it and the goatsbeard (pictured below, photo from Spring Hill Nursery) we bought last week at a local garden center this afternoon and I also transplanted two of our baby echinaceas (aka purple coneflowers). I had to transplant these two volunteers from preexisting plants because they fell in an undesirable location - right in the middle of an iris patch). Hubby also did some of his stealth garden work (meaning I have no idea what he did but he was busy for at least an hour).

It was tough digging the baby echinacea plants up (below is photo of their mother plant's flowers) and they were clearly already suffering some shock when I planted and watered them but I'm hoping they'll pull through. Last year I did the same thing and all of the transplants survived.

Of course, I also did some weeding (it's never ending). We have crabgrass that's infiltrated our iris and daylily patch roots. If you happen to have a solution beyond digging the plants up and pulling out the tangled crabgrass (which I've already done but it came back) I'd love to hear it!

May God bless you and your garden!

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