Monday, July 30, 2012

Orange Zinnias vs Sunflowers

In my last post on this blog I shared my friend's sunflower like zinnia photos. Both of our plants were started from the same collection of seeds from my 2011 giant zinnias. Hers bloomed first and were a total surprise because, instead of looking like orange zinnias they looked like yellow sunflowers. The foliage on her plants looks just like the foliage on our plants so I expected to have the same result but we got the traditional orange zinnias after all (photo above). We have one more plant that hasn't bloomed yet so it will be interesting to see if the flowers end up yellow or orange.

Either way, we do have some yellow zinnias in our garden (photo above), although, unlike the orange, purple/pink and red zinnias, they weren't grown from seed (at least by us).

With the heat rising we've been staying indoors a lot more and the weeds are attempting (and it looks like winning) a takeover. Once things cool down we'll have a lot of work ahead of us. But for today anyway, I'm just going to enjoy the flowers. Happy gardening dear readers! May God bless you!

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