Monday, June 18, 2012

Why another blog?

I've been thinking about a nitty gritty gardening blog or journal for a while. I've tried paper journals and they just didn't work out for gardening. I really enjoy my weekly garden photos for my inspirational blog but I don't think that the inspirational blog is quite the place for logging my sporadic attempts at garden improvement. This will be the place for me to log what I'm doing in my garden. My gardening tends to come in 15-30 minute bursts and only happens when the temperatures are comfortable. Most of the work happens in spring and fall so posts will likely be light in the summer. Still, I think this will be fun for me and provide a nice history of what I've done and when and I hope that it will inspire other benign neglect (so much nicer than lazy!) gardeners too. If you want to know anything more specific about what I'm doing or how I did something in my garden just let me know! Thank you for joining me on my garden journey!

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