Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ravaged Herb Garden, Seedling Updates and Plant Thinning Planning

Last week I mentioned that my next project was to trim back the herb plants that were within six inches of our house. I also planned to divide some of the plants so they could be added to our xeric garden. I even thought there might be enough left to do some bartering. Unfortunately for my plans my well intentioned husband got to it first and he was kind of ruthless (he filled up two trash cans with herb plants and cuttings... but the silver lining is that our trash bins never smelled better).

I still need to move the rosemary (it's too close to the house) but until fall I'll probably just take cuttings from the side nearest the house so it doesn't touch the siding and then move it when it's less likely to stress the plant.

The zinnia seedlings I planted in April are starting to bud. Hopefully we'll have some colorful blooms in another week or two.

Last week I mentioned that I'd need to sacrifice one of these two tangled seedlings. It appears that the one on the left is stronger and the one on the right will need to go. I'll likely take care of that after I finish this post.

This is the best looking of the butterfly bush seedlings that I planted in May (the two tangled seedlings are also from the same batch). I'm not sure if we'll get blooms from them this year but so far we only have one casualty (although it'll be two once I sacrifice the smaller of the tangled ones) so that should leave us with four free butterfly bushes (unless we have more casualties).

You've probably noticed that this is more of a nitty gritty garden journal than a pretty picture garden journal. I do a weekly pretty picture garden post at my Inspirational Blog and here's the link to this week's photos: http://lovejoyandpeas.blogspot.com/2012/06/fun-flowers-and-foliage-this-week-in-my.html. Happy Gardening! May the Master of all Gardens (God) bless you this week and always!

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  1. Good news! The herb garden has made a great recovery :)