Thursday, May 9, 2013

Planting Cosmos, Bachelor Button, Asian Day Lily and Dwarf Zinnia Seeds

Today I noticed that the potted cilantro was looking pretty bad (some leaves had turned brown and others kind of yellow and overall just not healthy looking) and the two dill plants had been eaten down to the potted soil level (I guess it tasted good to a local rabbit) so I planted them near our lemon balm. Then I planted cosmos, bachelor button, Asian day lily and dwarf zinnia seeds. The cosmos are in front of our house where I (someday) hope to put a nice bench but for now there was just a big gaping hole in the flower bed. The bachelor buttons are beneath a tree in our front yard (where the red zinnias were last year). The Asian day lilies are outside our bedroom window and the dwarf zinnias are in some pots where my hubby tried to grow echinacea seedlings but they didn't sprout. His ornamental artichoke seedlings are doing great. We're going to have to thin them soon. 

I like having the pictures of the seed packets for future reference. I think I got these at the dollar store. The day lily and zinnia seeds were harvested from a friend's garden (the friend wishes to remain anonymous but thank you, sweetie!!!).

The goatsbeard I planted last week is still looking stressed but the echinacea transplants are looking good now. I suspect if we get a heat wave they'll wilt again but so far so good. Some of the zinnia seeds I planted two weeks ago had sprouted but something ate them down to the ground. I think I'll need to get some netting to put over those pots soon if they're going to have a chance to grow.

How is your gardening going this spring? Any new plants or projects? I'd love to hear about them!

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